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Initial Consultation

An initial consultation with an attorney is used primarily to determine whether or not a client has a viable case or to provide basic information and advice regarding a transaction. With the NowLegal Plan, your initial consultation is always free.


Document Review

Attorneys know and understand the intricacies of legal documents. It is always important to have a lawyer review your legal documents and provide any needed feedback. With the NowLegal Plan, your, lawyers will review your legal documents for free (up to six pages).


Hourly Fees

Hourly rates are a common attorney fee arrangement. The attorney gets paid an agreed-upon hourly rate for the hours worked on a client's case or matter until it's resolved. The fee generally depends on each attorney's experience, operating expenses, and the location of his or her practice. With the NowLegal Plan, lawyers’ hourly fees are always discounted by at least 33%.


Contingent Fees

For certain types of cases, lawyers may work on a contingent fee basis. Contingent means that the fee depends on the outcome of the case - the attorney takes no up-front fee, but gets a percentage (typically one-third) of the settlement or judgment. Contingent fee arrangements are typical for plaintiff's counsel in accident and injury cases, medical malpractice, and debt collection cases. Courts set limits on the contingency fees a lawyer can receive from personal injury suits. With the NowLegal Plan, lawyers’ contingency fees are always reduced by at least 33%.


Flat Fees

Where a legal matter can be well-defined, lawyers may charge a flat fee. Examples of flat fee matters include business formations, estate planning documents, uncontested divorces, and simple bankruptcy filings. If a lawyer offers a flat fee, be sure you understand exactly what that fee will and will not cover. With the NowLegal Plan, lawyers’ flat fees are always reduced by at least 33%.


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